Articles from members of Ecliptic Dynamics team on topics relating to cyber security, remote working and open source intelligence.

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Maltego and OIS, two powerful tools brought to you by Ecliptic Dynamics. Official Maltego UK Partner

Find out more about how selecting OIS from Ecliptic Dynamics with Maltego can protect your infrastructure and empower your online investigations available from leading Maltego UK Partner Read More…

Top 5 Cyber Hygiene Tips

Top 5 Cyber Hygiene Tips

Here are Ecliptic Dynamics’ top 5 cyber hygiene tips to help you as users make yourself more secure online almost instantaneously. Users can follow these steps to proactive protect themselves and their data.

What is a remote computer?

What is a Remote Computer?

A remote computer is a computer running on a server that is physically disconnected from yourself. Users can control the remote computer with their your local device, your laptop or your desktop which just becomes a monitor and a keyboard and isolates the risk to the remote computer.

Ecliptic Dynamics

Ecliptic Dynamics launch OIS v4 for added cyber protection for researchers investigating OSINT and the dark web

30 August 2022, Cheltenham: Ecliptic Dynamics, a provider of isolated web access and virtual digital infrastructures has launched an upgraded version of its OIS secure web browser, adding yet another layer of protection for investigators that dive deep into OSINT and the dark web. Read More…

Ecliptic Dynamics

New global tech partnership means maximum protection, precision and speed for those conducting deep and dark web investigations

25 July 2022, Cheltenham: Ecliptic Dynamics, specialist providers of highly secure internet infrastructure has joined forces with Maltego, a world leading supplier of OSINT link analysis software, to empower investigators to conduct sensitive research with greater speed and precision, alongside exceptional security and privacy. Read More…

Tablet Device on VPN Leaking Location Information

VPN Location Leaking

When discussing online security, clients often tell us they use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) as their primary method to to obfuscate their online footprint and mask / change their location. In some ways a VPN will achieve this, however, it’s also a flawed practice to believe this is a complete process. This article looks at the subject of VPN leaking location information and how simply changing your IP address is not enough to prevent your precise location being shared. Read More…