Ecliptic Dynamics provide Web Isolation Platforms, Remote Browser Isolation and Virtual Digital Infrastructure solutions to increase security and protect privacy.

Digital Fingerprint Representing Cyber Security and Privacy
Laptops on Web Isolation Platform

OIS – Web Isolation Platform

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure providing a complete ecosystem to conduct sensitive online research, investigations and open source intelligence.

Maltego Investigation and Case Management Software

OIS and Maltego Enterprise

OIS subscribers to Maltego can access Maltego Enterprise through their OIS account. This brings together the exceptional online security of OIS and deep data mining and link analysis of Maltego in a single user interface.

SMS to Email SIM Card for Two Factor Authentication

Saber – Hosted SIM

SABER provides corporations with a dedicated, physical SIM card hosted within a highly secure UK data centre. This allows SMS messages to be forwarded onto multiple email accounts and the associated mobile number to be used for Two Factor Authentication purposes.