Press Release: 30th August 2022

Ecliptic Dynamics launch OIS v4 for added cyber protection for researchers investigating OSINT and the dark web.

30 August 2022, Cheltenham: Ecliptic Dynamics, a provider of isolated web access and virtual digital infrastructures has launched an upgraded version of its OIS secure web browser, adding yet another layer of protection for investigators that dive deep into OSINT and the dark web.

Built to meet the demanding requirements of the public sector, journalism, investigations and business intelligence, Ecliptic Dynamics’ products and services are designed to isolate the most vulnerable aspects of online activity by managing the digital infrastructure to allow access to web services confidently and securely, and with minimal intrusion on user experience. Through Web Isolation Platforms, Remote Browser Isolation and Virtual Digital Infrastructure, Ecliptic Dynamics’ products increase security and protect privacy to vastly reduce the cyber risk to an organisation’s  equipment, data, staff and reputation.

The new OIS v4 will continue to provide users with a gateway to access internet services with exceptional security and privacy, but with improved stability and security. Everything conducted in OIS is contained within OIS, risk is entirely absorbed by the software and removes it from the user or the organisation. Isolating users and their data from corporate devices enables online activity to be locked down into a single environment where only pixels are delivered to the user’s screen so that nothing else is transmitted to the devices. This protects users from malware, ransomware and other attacks from cyber criminals. The OIS software can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time. This client-less approach means OIS users have minimal footprint online which removes the risk of web threats.

Tom Kidwell, Managing Director at Ecliptic dynamics said: “Our new feature upgrades to OIS include a persistent browser option which purposefully stores cookies and history to present a more stable profile to web services, particularly social media platforms or to simplify access to  “trusted”platforms. We’ve also added in File Egress and Ingress which assists the process of transferring files into and out of the OIS web browser. The internet facing file transfer is now automatically mapped when you log into OIS, so you can easily drag and drop items from within OIS to your internet storage facility knowing you are protected.”

Ecliptic Dynamics has also integrated a method for users to create, store and import their PGP encryption keys directly into the OIS file system to easily encrypt and sign documents. Your OIS web browser session remains non-persistent; however, your keys are stored privately in the users’ isolated file store. This means users can encrypt a file and send it to others with confidence that it is absolutely secure.

Tom added: “We’re also excited to offer our clients six encrypted messaging apps preinstalled to the newest version of OIS. The most popular messaging apps are preinstalled into OIS allowing reattributed communications on your project or team group chat. We are also able to provide entirely isolated messaging solutions for the ultimate intra-team messaging privacy, only visible within the OIS platform.”


About Ecliptic Dynamics

Ecliptic Dynamics is a technology company with a focus on digital infrastructure, assisting people and organisations to access web services securely and privately.

The products and services of Ecliptic Dynamics are designed to isolate the most vulnerable aspects of online activity with minimal intrusion on user experience. Through bespoke management of digital infrastructure, Ecliptic Dynamics allows clients to access web services confidently and securely, while vastly reducing cyber risks to equipment, data, staff and reputations.

Ecliptic Dynamics is the only UK partner to Maltego, a global software specialist used for open-source intelligence and forensics.