Press Release: 25th July 2022

New global tech partnership means maximum protection, precision and speed for those conducting deep and dark web investigations.

25 July 2022, Cheltenham: Ecliptic Dynamics, specialist providers of highly secure internet infrastructure has joined forces with Maltego, a world leading supplier of OSINT link analysis software, to empower investigators to conduct sensitive research with greater speed and precision, alongside exceptional security and privacy.

Ecliptic Dynamics, headquartered in the UK’s cyber central – Cheltenham – near GCHQ, provide highly secure, robust, isolated web access via its OIS web browser tool launched to meet the investigative requirements of those working in open-source intelligence and forensics such as the public sector, journalism, anti-fraud, public and private investigations and business intelligence.

Ecliptic Dynamics’ OIS web browser isolates a user’s core business assets when researching the clear, deep and dark web, from browser-based malware and spyware risks. Everything conducted in OIS is contained within OIS, removing any risk from the user and its organisation, and since the OIS virtual computer is completely rebuilt from scratch daily, users have a controllable and non-persistent online footprint.

Maltego is a graphical link analyses tool that accelerates and simplifies complex investigations into one seamless user interface. Maltego  for OIS subscribers  brings together the online security of OIS with the accelerated deep data mining and link analysis tools of Maltego, enabling users to speed up and increase the precision of their investigations, while remaining safe and secure from the prying eyes of the deep dark web.

Through easy data integration in a single interface, aided by powerful visualisation and collaborative capabilities to quickly zero in on relevant information, OIS users with Maltego   can swiftly and securely collate and understand investigative data. It sources and gathers information from real-time data mining and delivers it into visual link graphs, patterns and multiple order connections that are more easily identifiable.

According to the National Crime Agency, cybercrime is on the rise in scale and complexity. The UK Government’s latest Cyber Security Breaches Survey indicates that 39% of UK businesses identified a cyber-attack within the past 12 months which affected essential services, businesses and private individuals alike. These attacks cost the UK billions of pounds in damage and threaten to destabilise our entire national security. Tom Kidwell, Managing Director of Ecliptic Dynamics said:

“Businesses and public sector bodies are required to research and investigate sensitive online data. They frequently need to access online content hosted in areas where the risk from cyber criminals is significantly greater to themselves, their data and their infrastructure. Conducting research of this nature online heightens the risk of a cyber-attack but organisations still require users to have unrestricted access to online data sources and services. We are thrilled to have partnered with Maltego and can now enhance our clients’ cyber secure OIS web browsing with the cutting-edge link analysis tools from Maltego, bringing even greater efficacy and efficiency to their important and sensitive investigative research.”

The Head of Global Partnerships for  Maltego, Hristiana Dichevska said, “OIS subscribers to Maltego can access Maltego Enterprise through their OIS account to bring together the exceptional online security of OIS with the precise analysis of Maltego, in a single user interface.”


OIS – Web Isolation Platform

OIS Web Isolation Platform provides users with a gateway to access internet services with exceptional security and privacy. Everything conducted in OIS is contained within OIS, risk is entirely absorbed by the software and removes it from the user or the organisation. This protects users from malware, ransomware and other attacks from cyber criminals. The OIS software can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at any time. This client-less approach means OIS users have a controllable and non-persistent footprint online which removes the risk of web threats.   Ecliptic Dynamics is the only UK partner to Maltego, a global software specialist used for open-source intelligence and forensics.