OIS – Web Isolation Platform

A gateway for accessing internet services, OIS provides exceptional security and privacy.  Everything you do in OIS is contained within OIS. OIS absorbs the cyber risk, removing it from the user and your organisation.

The Problem – Cyber Risk

Cyber risk is created when you have an “asset” that a third party may want to access or steal, and a vulnerability which would allow them to do so. Your organisation’s data, or even your own identity, can be classed as an asset. Having a device connected to the internet creates the vulnerability. Cybercrime is constantly evolving and criminals have a range of tactics to try to access your data. It might be a targeted attack against your organisation or you could simply being caught in a phishing attack – all are designed to gain access to your “assets”.

There are businesses and public sector bodies who require their employees to research and investigate data online. These employees frequently need to access online content hosted in areas of the internet where the risk from cyber criminals is high. Although the risk is high, organisations still require users to have unrestricted access to online data sources and services to enable them to fulfil their roles.

This risk is further increased due to more people working remotely, or working on their own devices and on different projects – businesses are now required to balance cyber hygiene with staff being productive and agile in a digital environment.

Cyber Criminals
Secure Digital Fingerprint

OIS Summary

Everything you do in OIS is contained within OIS. OIS absorbs the risk and removes it from the user and their organisation. 

OIS isolates users and their data from corporate devices and infrastructure. This locks down online activity into a single environment where only pixels are delivered to the user’s screen.

The Solution – Isolation & Containment

OIS isolates users and their data from corporate devices and infrastructure. It locks down online activity into a single environment with only the pixels delivered to the screen. Nothing else is transmitted to the device which protects users from malware, ransomware and other attacks from cybercriminals.

OIS absorbs the risk and takes it away from your organisation. Everything you do in OIS is contained within OIS. There is nothing to install and it can be accessed from any device, anywhere, at anytime. This client-less approach means OIS users have zero footprint online which removes the risk of web threats.

You don’t need to trust the internet or your devices. As long as users conduct their online activity through OIS; the organisation, the data and your identity is protected.

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OIS Isolated Remote Browser running on Latptop

How It Works

OIS can be accessed anywhere in the world via a web browser. It does not confine you to a single system; you simply navigate to a web portal and sign in using your randomly generated credentials. There are no additional software or hardware requirements.

Protection is offered at the local level using encryption protocols between Ecliptic Dynamics’ servers and the user’s browser. This provides protection on open or unknown WiFi networks with the local internet provider only being able to see an encrypted connection and not your internet activity.

With the OIS environment running on a virtual session on a remote server, this gives your devices and data additional layers of protection against cyber attacks when compared to simply using a standard Virtual Private Network. This approach takes the risk away from you and your device.

Ecliptic Dynamics do not monitor or store the content of any OIS sessions. Every 24 hours, the OIS infrastructure is completely rebuilt to ensure it is updated and to destroy any potential threats. This protects your devices and privacy when you need it most.

OIS Features

OIS Lite

OIS Prime

OIS & Maltego Enterprise

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Clientless access via any web browser
Fully isolated clear web access from corporate infrastructure.
Low attribution online footprint
User agent changer
No persistent online identifiers, OIS destroys and rebuilds all machines every 24 hours.
End to end encryption from your device to OIS.
VPN to over 33 different countries
Account security through multi factor authentication
Secure dark web access
Kill switch to instantly destroy sessions and restore machine to default.
Secure data egress between OIS environment and local infrastructure.
Secure, encrypted cloud storage.
Office productivity suite
Online Investigations Case management through Hunchly License
Link analysis and open source intelligence collection through Maltego Enterprise License


OIS and Maltego Enterprise

Ecliptic Dynamics has partnered with Maltego and Hunchly to bring the best online security alongside the best investigation tools.

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Maltego empowers investigators worldwide to speed up and increase the precision of their investigations through easy data integration in a single interface, aided by powerful visualisation and collaborative capabilities to quickly zero in on relevant information.
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The Web Capture Tool Designed For Online Investigations. Hunchly is the only tool that automatically creates a transparent audit trail for your online investigations. Hunchly collects, documents, and annotates every web page you visit. Never forget to capture a link again.
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