What is a Remote Computer?

1st December 2022

A remote computer is a computer running on a server that is physically disconnected from yourself. What essentially happens is you use your local device, your laptop or your desktop, to control a virtual computer which is physically a long way away from you. So your local device just becomes a monitor and a keyboard, and is almost like a long string that goes off to control a computer elsewhere.

Everything that you then do on that virtual machine is isolated on that server, it’s not happening on your local device. This is positive because it means you can draw on additional resources from a server machine such as power and internet speeds, but crucially it isolates all of your activity into that virtual machine. Meaning your laptop just becomes a monitor and a remote keyboard.

There are multiple reasons for doing this, your laptop and browser and email are essentially gateways through to your data, so by isolating them away it protects you, your corporate infrastructure and also your personal accounts.

The best way to think of it is a bit like a bomb disposal expert sends out a robot out to diffuse a bomb, if anything happens to that robot, it’s remote, the device detonates taking out the robot but the controller is still safe and secure.

Ecliptic Dynamics’ solutions are deigned in a similar way, our solutions are essentially creating an online avatar of yourself. You can send the ‘online avatar’ we create out to the wider internet, maybe go to some of the less secure parts of the internet. If you contract any malware or any tracking software it doesn’t matter. You can instantly destroy that virtual machine and stand a new one up straight away. This means that you are always secure from a safe distance isolating the more risky web activity to the virtual machine running on our server.

The process is basically removes the digital threats away from your own infrastructure, corporate data, and identities and placing them on to our infrastructure. We absorb this risk on your behalf.

Remote Computer