OIS Lite – Remote Browser Isolation

A simple and intuitive remote browser keeping employees online activities isolated from your corporate networks.

OIS Lite Remote Browser Isolation

The Problem – Ensuring Secure Internet Access

Organisations are well aware of the need for cyber security from multi factor logins, traditional antivirus through to AI powered threat analysis. Despite these innovative products, the humble web browser on a user’s machine is the primary gateway to the unregulated public internet. The web browser is not operated by an array of machine learning bots, its operated by your users. Unfortunately it is far easier to compromise a person than a rule-base machine; this is the threat to your data and your business.

Internet users face a varied and well-executed range of exploitations delivered via a browser. Malware injections, ransomware, crypto-mining scripts, compromised email attachments to name but a few. All of these payloads are executed from the user’s browser – the same browser that sits on the machine that has access to corporate file servers, intranet and internal communication systems.

Laptop with virus due to no remote browser isolation

Almost every user now requires access to a browser and the internet. Over the past 5 years, corporate IT has seen paradigm shifts in infrastructure and access technologies. The shift from on-premise data centres to cloud resources and cloud-based infrastructure as a service has been rapid and all encumbering. The browser is the access mechanism for these all these cloud services heightening the risks further.

Organisations are now facing a sudden revolution in the working environment with huge numbers of staff working from home. Not only do organisations have a duty to protect employees accessing corporate data and systems from the internet, they have the further complication of having to provide secure and compliant solutions from an almost endless combination of user home-working environments. This presents a huge challenge for corporate IT departments and even more so for smaller and medium sized companies who are stretched to implement new systems and procedures quickly.

The Solution: Isolated Remote Browser

By running isolated remote browsers, your users’ online activities are completely detached from your corporate network. Many users are aware of threats like viruses, malware and ransomware but less are aware of the delivery mechanisms and techniques of these exploitations. Cyber criminals have become expert in tricking users into navigating to compromised sites, entering credentials in phishing attacks and downloading attachments containing a nefarious payload. Should a user encounter any of these threats in the remote environment it will have zero effect on your corporate infrastructure or data. Furthermore the session is completely non-persistent so any potentials threats are removed when the user logs off.

When it comes to any security-based solution, it must be simple and intuitive to use otherwise users will not fully engage as intended. OIS Lite involves a simple, but secure, multi-factor login which delivers the user straight to a standard Firefox browser.

The environment is constantly updated for security patches with built-in AV and malware protection – should any new exploit be encountered, your browsing session is entirely isolated from your corporate data protecting you and your users by default.

Using OIS Lite as your only browser ensures that your users, and therefore your organisation, are protected.

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Isolated Secure Web Browsers

How It Works

From your local browser on any device, OIS Lite’s remote browser environment is accessed via a secure remote bastion protected by two factor authentication. The user can then freely browse the internet using a standard browser from within the isolated environment.

The browser is running in a secure hardened remote environment. In addition, it is completely isolated from your corporate documents, messaging systems and other sensitive data. If the system is compromised, there is no threat to your data.

OIS Lite provides users with fundamental protection from ransomware, malware and viruses by default – regardless of the developments in cyberattacks there is no connectivity between your corporate infrastructure and the isolated web browser. The secure session simply transmits keystrokes and screen pixels between your user and OIS Lite.

The OIS Lite remote browser is completely non-persistent – no downloads, cookies or temporary internet files are stored when you finish browsing. This ensures any malware or viruses you may have inadvertently encountered are completely destroyed. This not only protects your infrastructure but also has the additional benefit of protecting your privacy online – browsing history, tracking cookies and corporate IP addresses are all protected by default.

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Firefox Web Browser Fully Managed On Linux

OIS Lite is a fully managed and supported Linux based environment. Many people are aware of the benefits of using unix-based systems but perhaps do not have the resources to support it.

Ecliptic Dynamics’ primary goal is to make the online platform as simple to use as possible. To achieve this the user experience delivers a simple interface with a familiar (Firefox) web browser. Your isolated browsing environment is not shared with other users – the activities of other users presents no threat to your OIS Lite session.

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